Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Homemade Christmas Ideas?

For the past couple of years as a family we have taken a vote. Do we want to do homemade Christmas or not? Homemade Christmas is that everyone makes their Gifts for each other homemade. Then Santa will bring something store bought. It has been a tremendous success every year. To my delight, I thought that maybe my kids might be getting to old to want to do this again, But when the question was posed Homemade or not homemade?, The answer was unanimous HOMEMADE! yeah:) But now the thought of what to help them make. Suggestions here would be great. I love doing fun things from the kids. Things that they would like to play with or actually be able to use. Last year, as shown in the picture above, I made John an afghan, It is one of his favorite kinds of blanket. And done with a really soft yarn it was a wonderful success.John made the kids shelves for their rooms. The kids loved them. And of course Gloria and Jesicas wedding dress pictures. The first year, Sam made stuffed snakes for everyone, that was a big hit. The funnest thing for me to see was when it was christmas morning, because the kids had worked so hard to make their gifts, they were by far more excited about giving their gifts than receiving anything and the last thing on any of their minds was SANTA. It was fun to see that that was possible. Anyway, my four year old made bouncy balls for everyone using a kit. He thought that was way cool. Gloria made Samuel a homemade chess set, he loved that as well. I won't go into detail about everyones gifts from everyone but they all had fun making them. Well so....This is my asking for ideas on homemade gifts that are EASY for me to help them do. Hopefully we will be able to count this year a success too, wish me luck.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
This is the llama song and If you want to go crazy show it to your kids....I DID NOT but Gloria found it on youtube. And this house is not the same... Even kenneth sings it, over and over and over and over which would be fine if he were the only one. It started out cute at first but now....oh my!!!!!6 kids who love to sing and then this song is NOT the best combination. But I thought I would let you in on part of my craziness(lol):)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When i went to Amy's blog she showed a picture and said if you are reading this you should go to your pictures 4th folder and 4th picture. This is it. Last year we had a home made Christmas with our kids. The Gift for Gloria and jesica from their dad was that he would take the kids for a couple of hours and leave them alone with me individually and I

would doll them up and let them put on my wedding dress and take pictures of them in front of the temple. Jesica is at an out door theater across from the Timp Temple and I will add Gloria's also, she is in front of the Provo temple. This was such a perfect gift. We had a great time together. I've got some beautiful daughters. But I am a little partial.:)
I am forever and for always coming up with creative ways to make cleaning fun for my kids and at the same time make it something that needs a little less mom and a lot more kids. Well we sat down and decided each night before bed each child would draw a room out of the hat and clean it. They would earn a "mamma buck" for each room they cleaned. Anything of theirs left out would be put in a bin and they would have to pay me a mamma buck to get it out or it would be thrown away. So we are anxiously engaged in cleaning when I inform Gloria that I have just put her shoes in the bin. Hey she says, I was just cleaning my living area and then I was going to do a sweep and clean up all my stuff. Okay I said, Just this once I will let you get them out without a "buck" but next time you should really do the sweep through first. On her way past Naomi, who is having a hard time, Gloria stops to comfort her and puts her shoes down in the babies swing. When she is done and gets up to go out I say to Naomi, put her shoes in the bin. Naomi jumps to do. Gloria realizing what she has done and goes to get a mamma buck out so she can get them back, mean while Sam is up to clean his area and puts a bottle of candy that's
Glorias in the bin she walks up to get her shoes and another HEY comes from her:) So this now has happened several times this night And the most of it has been done by Sam so in a fit to get even with Samuel she goes on a hunt for his things. Walking into the table she grabs a school book that has been left out where Samuel kept his books for a while, she quickly puts it in the bin and with a great bit" HA" calls Samuel to the bin so she can gloat over him having to pay to get something out. Sameul takes the book out opens up the front cover and reads Gloria James. She had put her own book in the bin. We laughed so hard all the kids came running to see what was making their mom almost pee her pants. This may be one of those things you just had to be there on. Anyway, I thought it was so funny.

"home made perfume"

Lemmonaid stand

Clairisa and Naomi, with a cousin Issac were playing and decided to make some perfume. Not a big deal, until they asked there dad if they could have a lemmonaid stand and sale it along with some of there nic-nacs. He said I don't care but you have to ask your mom when she gets back from the store. Well they took this as a "yes," and so excited they set it all up in the front yard with the sign and all, anxiously awaiting my arival home. I get home and they were so excited I didn't have the heart to say no so went to check it out and this is what I saw....Notice perfume for sale on the left side of the table .25cents a cup, the pink flower vase on the front right side of the table had been recently full of a beautiful arraingment givin me by John, now full of hose water and for sale .25cents a cup. And then if that wasn't enough money to be made, Isaac informed me that they were also going to sale "petting the cute little baby for 90 dollars a pet" and that he was gong to "go home and get his $999 and pet her 90 times" "we'd be rich, he says." So I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a blog. I did go and get real lemmonaid and popcorn to sale and they even made a buck or two. Without the "baby petting."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just the Beginning

I'm just starting, thanks to Mickie it looks so cute, but be patient as I figure it all out.
We just took family pics last minute for Paul and Ruths book about dad. This is our small attempt at being photogenic.

Monday, August 4, 2008

didnt have the baby

i didnt have the baby on saturday because she was to high...