Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When i went to Amy's blog she showed a picture and said if you are reading this you should go to your pictures 4th folder and 4th picture. This is it. Last year we had a home made Christmas with our kids. The Gift for Gloria and jesica from their dad was that he would take the kids for a couple of hours and leave them alone with me individually and I

would doll them up and let them put on my wedding dress and take pictures of them in front of the temple. Jesica is at an out door theater across from the Timp Temple and I will add Gloria's also, she is in front of the Provo temple. This was such a perfect gift. We had a great time together. I've got some beautiful daughters. But I am a little partial.:)


Adams Family said...

Fun, in a way it is probably nice that you never cut it up to make baby blessing dresses like you had talked about.

Kasey said...

Such cute pics!! It's about time you came back to the blogging world!

jerolyn said...

That is a way neat idea, I'll have to remember that!